The Newly Formatted Kindle Edition of “A Blogger’s Guide To Japan” Is Here!

I am happy to announce that the long awaited newly formatted edition of “A Blogger’s Guide To Japan” is finally here!

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JAPAN: Manga Cafes (Manga Kissa / マンガ喫茶 )

The term manga refers to a comic book/ cartooning style which was developed in Japan in the late 19th century.  It is an art form that is easily recognized around the world today where it has enjoyed an increasing trend in popularity. As a matter of fact, many young people outside of Japan have been introduced to Japan and Japanese culture through manga.



Even with its increased popularity around the globe, nowhere is manga more popular than in the country where it originated. As a matter of fact, Japanese people of all ages read manga as the subject matter includes a broad assortment of genres ranging from action-adventure to sports and games. Today, manga represents a major part of the Japanese publishing industry with sales over $5.5 billion!  Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that manga has contributed to another growing Japanese trend, the manga café.


The manga café or manga kissaten (referred to as manga kissa by locals) is a type of café offering an extensive manga library.  Some cafes provide internet access, video games, TV, and snack and beverage vending machines as well. Patrons are typically charged by the amount of time they stay at the café.  Most cafés have pricing plans starting at ¥100 – ¥400 for the first 30 minutes with additional time charged in increments of ¥1 for each 10-15 minutes spent thereafter.


The cafés offer two types of seating, private booths and open seating areas. The majority of these private booths are rather narrow with only enough space for a desk, chair/ reclining chair/ flatbed. There are some cafés which offer larger booths, big enough to accommodate two people.  Naturally, these tend to be more expensive to rent.






Certain manga kissatens allow their patrons to stay overnight and have become a popular low budget accommodation option for many.   These cafes are open 24-hours and offer such amenities as showers, blankets, slippers, and free drinks for as little as ¥1,500 per night. Some even offer women-only sections.

To use the manga café you will need a photo ID or passport.  Most cafés require a membership, which you can readily obtain on the spot. You will be asked to choose your type of seating and time plan for your intended stay and given a receipt with your seating number printed on it. When it is time to leave, present your receipt at the check-in counter. You will be charged for your seating type, time spent at the café and any extra charges you may have incurred.

Manga kissatens can be found in most major cities all over Japan.  Many are located in multi-level buildings situated along the side streets near train stations. So the next time you travel to Japan, why not check into a manga kissaten and drift off into a world created by one of the popular Japanese manga artists like Hideaki Sorachi, Eiichiro Oda, or Akira Toriyama?

Tips for Today’s Travelers

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just setting out on exploring the world, valuable travel tips can add to the ease and enjoyment of your vacation.  Below, is a guest article associated with Experience Destinations, headquartered in Miami, FL. offering just that! 

-Wishing you safe and happy travels!

looking like tourists reading mapsTraveling today is much different than it was several years ago.  Today’s travelers rely on technologically advanced tourist information to get them where they want to go.  This makes traveling much easier and more enjoyable.  It also allows travelers to more fully reap the benefits of their vacation.  If you have an upcoming trip, learn how you can benefit from the following traveling tips to help you have the best time.

Fly With Wifi

First, whenever you are traveling, try to book a flight with an airline that provides wifi.  Your flight is going to feel like an eternity if you do not have access to your computer or smart phone.  Fortunately, most airlines provide this technology.  Usually, it comes with a small fee.  However, it is worth the cost if you want to be able to entertain yourself during a long flight.  This will allow you to stream videos, work, or catch up with friends.

Review the Area Online

Before you arrive, it is a good idea to review the area you are visiting.  You can browse tourism websites or read reviews about places nearby.  This will help you determine what you want to see when you arrive.  You can also plan restaurants to eat at in the area.  When you research beforehand, you eliminate a lot of stress during your vacation.  Much time is wasted trying to figure out what to do and where to go.  Also, you might discover something to do that you had not considered before you planned the trip.

Understand the Transportation

Next, make sure you understand the transportation system of the area you are visiting.  Obviously, you can always use the GPS system on your phone to navigate the surrounding areas.  However, some places get around differently than others.  For example, you might need to take taxis or buses to get from place to place.  In other areas, a car rental may be necessary.  Sometimes, you might rely on the metro or subway system.  Make sure you know what is the most practical for you as a tourist.  Then, make any necessary arrangements so that you can get around with ease once you arrive.

Download Helpful Apps

Furthermore, it might be beneficial for you to download helpful apps to help you best understand the area you are visiting.  It is common for cities to have an app with helpful information for tourists.  In addition, there are usually apps for public transportation systems.  These apps are convenient and will help you to feel comfortable in a foreign area.

Let Your Hotel Help You

Whenever you are traveling and away from home, you should stay at a good hotel that you can count on to help you with your needs.  This is what a hotel is for.  They can help you with a wide variety of services including bringing food to your room, providing you with extra bedding, offering access to the Internet, and giving traveling suggestions.  Too often, travelers fail to use their hotel as a resource for traveling advice.  When they do this, they miss out on their expertise.  A good hotel can recommend delicious dining options and enjoyable activities.  Even better, they might even have discounts for some of the events you are planning to participate in.

Find Time to Relax

Finally, many people come home from vacations overly tired.  They spend the entire week trying to fit every activity in and forget to relax.  Although events are part of the fun of vacationing, so is relaxing.  Therefore, make sure you take the time to relax.  Spend a morning sleeping in, stream a movie on your computer, or enjoy a night by the hotel pool.  It will allow you to distress and have a good time.

Hopefully these helpful tips will help you make the most of your next vacation.  Need some more inspiration? Check out this guide to vacationing in the Caribbean.

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