JAPAN: Shimane (Adachi Museum of Art)

Yasugi City located in the eastern portion of Shimane Prefecture was an ancient steel producing center.  Today, visitors are drawn to the town for the highly regarded Adachi Museum of Art established in 1980 by businessman Adachi Zenko.  Born in Shimane, Adachi was well known for his passion for collecting art.  He opened the museum as a way of showing gratitude to his hometown and hoping to enhance the cultural development of the prefecture.

The museum houses a collection of nearly 1,500 twentieth century paintings, ceramics and artwork, which are rotated seasonally.  Its permanent exhibit features the works of Yokoyama Taikan (real name, Sakai Hidemaro), who is credited with helping create the Japanese painting technique of Nihonga. The museum also boasts an award winning garden, which has been named the best garden in Japan by the Journal of Japanese Gardening since 2003. The only down side is that the meticulously sculpted garden can only be viewed from behind the museum’s large windows. There are some sections of the garden where there are walking paths but these take you away from the core of the garden.

Photography is permitted inside the museum except in certain sections that are specifically marked. For ¥500 you will be provided with a recorded tour in English highlighting the exhibits and garden. However, English descriptions are provided on each of the exhibits making the recording somewhat unnecessary.

The museum is easily accessible by train from Matsue Station, exit Yasugi Station.  From that point there are free shuttle buses which run once every hour.  There are also limited express trains from Okayama which stop at Yasugi Station before continuing on to Matsue.

14-year old Adachi Zenko

14-year old Adachi Zenko

Nihonga style

Nihonga style

Web page:         https://www.adachi-museum.or.jp/en/

Address:             320 Furukawa-cho, Yasugi, Shimane, 692-0064, JAPAN

Photo Credits:   Umezawa Eiji


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