JAPAN: Osaka ( Amerikamura / アメリカ村)

Osaka city located in the Kansai region is a fun place to visit as there seems to be no end to the many culinary, shopping and entertainment experiences, which the second largest city in Japan has to offer. Among these is an area known as Amerikamura. It is to Osaka what Harajuku and Shinjuku are to Tokyo.

Amerikamura literally translates to American Village and is referred to as Amemura by the locals. Located near Shinsaibashi, it is a fun place to visit, mingle with the younger generation and take in performances by local entertainers. The area came into existence in the 1970s when several warehouses were renovated to sell imported goods from the U.S. Today, Amemura is famous for its vibrant nightlife, unique fashion, bars, galleries and much more.

Centered on Sankaku Koen (Triangle Park), the district is always crowded with people who work in the area, musicians, artists and expatriates.  There are several Western fashion retail outlets like Adidas and Ed Hardy and numerous second hand shops selling everything from the prized branded goods to random trinkets.  If you are hungry, stop by the many food stalls selling typical street food found in other parts of Osaka, such as takoyaki.  You will also find several American stands selling things like hot dogs and fries.

If you are visiting Dotonbori, the popular tourist destination in Osaka, why not swing by Amemura as well? The two areas are literally right next to one another. Otherwise, Amemura is merely a 5-minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station (Midosuji Subway Line) and easily identifiable by its small-scale reproduction of the Statue of Liberty that peers down on the streets below.


Web page:       http://americamura.jp/en/index.php


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