JAPAN: Saitama/ Koshigaya (Japan’s Largest Mall: Aeon Laketown Mall)

Koshigaya City is home the biggest shopping mall in Japan. The Aeon Laketown Mall occupies 224,000 square meters of commercial space which is split into three wings all connected by indoor bridges. The three wings are known as: Kaze (Wind), Mori (Forest) and Laketown Outlet.

Kaze is home to various Aeon group shops including Vivre, Maruetsu Supermarket, a cinema complex, sports and other large specialty stores as well as various restaurants. Mori is Japan’s longest shopping mall at 500 meters and houses the AEON Department Store and a myriad of specialty stores in its beauty zone, auto mall, sports & outdoor zones. There is even an outdoor garden area with its own small stream. The Laketown Outlet is an open-air mall where you can find discounted luxury brand items. You will find Japanese brand stores such as Uniqlo and Wego as well as recognizable international stores such as Zara, Lacoste, GAP, Quicksilver, Fossil, Starbucks and Krispy Kreme.

The mall is very cleverly laid out in that you can see the stores on various levels without any obstructions. Further, the mall space follows a curvature so you don’t feel as though you are walking endlessly.

Aeon Co., established in 1926, is the largest retailer in Asia and Japan’s single largest shopping mall developer and operator. It is said that Aeon invested over ¥85 billion in developing the Aeon Laketown Mall.

Shopping in a mall may not be on the top of your agenda when visiting Japan but an opportunity to see the largest mall in the country should definitely not be missed. The mall is conveniently located near East Japan Railway’s Musashino Line and is approximately one hour away from central Tokyo.


Web page:         http://www.aeon-laketown.jp/en/

Address:             2-8 Azuma-cho, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama Prefecture 343-0826



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