JAPAN: Chiba (Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art/ 千葉県立美術館)

Chiba Prefecture is home to Narita International Airport and adjacent to Japan’s capital of Tokyo. Consequently, it is visited by countless tourists and has many sightseeing spots to enjoy. Among these is the Chiba Port Tower and the nearby Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art.

The museum opened on October 23, 1974 and displays works by artists who have an association with Chiba Prefecture. The 2,400 piece collection includes both domestic and international works and focuses primarily on modern and contemporary pieces. Included among the displays are works by Chu Asai, an artist born into a former samurai household who established the Meiji Bijutsukai (Meiji Art Society), the first group of Western style painters in Japan. Also featured are works by Hotsuma Katori, a Meiji period metalsmith known for his artwork who was born in Chiba in 1874.

There are various exhibitions of alternating themes held throughout the year, which feature both the museum’s own collection and works borrowed from other sources. The Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art also lends its collection to traveling exhibitions enabling those outside the area to enjoy and appreciate its various works of art. There is a reference room and a video library open to the public and the museum hosts numerous lectures and workshops to help deepen the public’s appreciation for the arts.

The museum studios offer courses on Japanese style and Western style painting, sculpture and calligraphy throughout the year. There is also a museum gift shop offering various art related items for sale. If you are hungry after touring the wide open gallery spaces, you can always stop off at the museum café for a quick bite to eat.

If you happen to be visiting the Chiba Port Tower, why not combine your visit with stop at the Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art? Museum hours are 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Admission fees are ¥300 for adults and ¥150 for students.

The Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art is merely 10 minutes on foot from the Chiba-Minato Station on the JR Keiyo-Line or Chiba-Toshi Monorail system.

Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art with Chiba Port Tower in the background

Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art with Chiba Port Tower in the background




Chu Asai

Chu Asai

Chu Asai Painting

Hotsuma Katori

Hotsuma Katori



Museum shop

For sale


Web Page:      http://www.chiba-muse.or.jp/ART/english/index.html

Address:          1-10-1 Chuokou Chuo-ku Chiba-shi 260-0024






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