Pennsylvania: Hershey’s Chocolate World

Located just off of Park Boulevard in Hershey, Pennsylvania is a chocolate lover’s haven known as Hershey’s Chocolate World. The attraction was built as a replacement for the Hershey Chocolate Plant tour, which had reached its capacity and was no longer able to handle the large numbers of visitors each year.

Founded in 1894 by Milton Hershey, the Hershey Company is one of the oldest chocolate companies in the United States. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, it is the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America and its products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

Visitors to Hershey’s Chocolate World can take advantage of various activities provided including: the Chocolate Tour, the Create-Your-Own Candy Bar Experience, the Hershey Trolley Works, the Hershey’s Chocolate Tasting Group Experience, and the Hershey’s Great Chocolate Factory Mystery in 4D. When play time is over or if they just want to take a break, they can take advantage of the various meal counters including the Dessert Creation Studio, Hershey’s Courtyard Food Court, and Hershey’s Ice Cream Shop. There are also various shops selling Hershey souvenirs and chocolate. The main candy store is one of the largest stores of its kind in the world selling Hershey’s products including new items not widely released and premium chocolate brands such as Scharffen Berger Chocolate.


The Chocolate Tour which opened in 1973, is a free ten-minute ride featuring the singing cows Gabby, Harmony and Olympia. The ride simulates the chocolate making process and concludes with a free sample of a Hershey’s product.

The Create-Your-Own Candy Bar attraction allows guests to experience the actual manufacturing line process. Wearing a hair net and apron, visitors get to choose from a number of ingredients to add to their own personal chocolate bar. As the bar makes its journey down the assembly line, they will have the opportunity to design and personalize the package that their chocolate bar will be placed in.

hershey trolley works

The Hershey Trolley is an old-fashioned trolley which was added to the attraction experience back in 1988. Visitors can board the trolley for a round-trip tour of Hershey, Pennsylvania and view the various historical and cultural spots along the way.

The Hershey’s Chocolate Tasting Group Experience is designed to introduce guests to the art of chocolate tasting. Patrons sample various chocolates ranging from creamy milk to robust dark and everything in between. All participants receive a gift.

Lastly, the Hershey’s Great Chocolate Factory Mystery in 4D, which was added in 2013, is a collaboration between The Hershey Company and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and The Henson Digital Puppetry Studio. The show is designed as an interactive experience with Hershey product characters who purportedly take part in over 100 variations of the story line.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is open all year round and hours vary depending on the season. Admission into Hershey’s Chocolate World is free. The Chocolate Tour ride is also free but all other attractions within the facility require a ticket.






Web page:

Address:          251 Park Blvd, Hershey, PA 17033


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