Japan: Tokyo/ Setagaya (Cafe Lotta)

I recently introduced you to a cozy little café in Setagaya called Lupopo Café & Gallery, now I would like to familiarize you with yet another cute café in the same area. Within walking distance from the popular shopping district, Sangenjaya, you will find the perfect place to relax during a weekend afternoon. Café Lotta is a cozy, two-story café with a few small tables, wonderful lattes and a lunch menu to satisfy just about any taste. The first floor of the café is a designated non-smoking area and the second floor (actually it is more like a loft area)  is reserved for smokers. Yes, it is Japan, people still smoke in restaurants and cafes.







The menu includes wonderful desserts, hot and cold drinks, alcohol, toast and a limited lunch set which includes such items as oyako don (chicken and egg rice bowl) and omurice (rice with ketchup wrapped in an omelette). If you do elect to try the omurice, it will be served with a cute character created with ketchup. Again, not surprising as Japan is known for “kawaii.” Speaking of kawaii (cute), the coffees come with an adorable little smiley face cookie and a container of brown sugar cubes similar to that served at Lupopo.





cake 2





A thirty minute walk from Sangenjaya, this little café is great for wasting away an hour or two listening to nice relaxing music and enjoying a coffee or latte along with an incredibly tasty dessert.  The shop is open from 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM, so you can just take it easy and lull away the afternoon. You can access the café from Shibuya via the Setagaya Line. Exit at the Shoin-jinja-mae Station.


Café blog:       http://cafelotta0322.jugem.jp/

Address:          4-2-12 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 東京都世田谷区世田谷4-2-12


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