Japan: Yokosuka (Kurihama Flower World)


Earlier, I took you on a journey through Perry Park in Yokosuka, Japan, (https://traveldreamscapes.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/japan-yokosuka-perry-park/) stating that the city has long played a part in Japan’s naval history. But did you know that Yokosuka is also home to a park renowned for its seasonal blossoms of poppies and cosmos? Yes, Kurihama Flower World (Kurihama Hana no Kuni / くりはま花の国) features over 1 million poppies and cosmos which bloom in Spring and Autumn respectfully. The park also features a herb garden with 130 species of herbs and a children’s playground known as Adventureland whose focal point is a giant Godzilla slide.



The seasonal flower meadow is amazing and draws many avid photographers, both professional and amateur, seeking to capture the beauty of the blooms. The park is approximately a little over a mile wide and hiking it is a great way to work off the calories from that “Navy Curry” Yokosuka is so famous for. For those less inclined to walk, there is a train which will carry you along the park and to Adventureland. The cost is ¥210 for adults for a one way trip and ¥100 for children aged 3 years – junior high school.


There are specially designated flower cutting days at the end of each season where visitors can harvest the flowers from the field free of charge. Of course, you will have to bring your own pair of scissors and gloves to accomplish this but with free admission to the park, these days prove to be very popular among guests.













If you get tired from all of the walking, you can soak your tired feet at the ashiyu (foot bath) located in the herb garden. The warm onsen water contains herbs from the herb garden to help relax and heal your aching feet. Different herbs are used depending on the season.






For those with a boundless source of energy, there is an 18-hole mini golf course on the premises. The admission is ¥500 for adults and ¥200 for students. Equipment rental will set you back a mere ¥100. After a game of golf, you may want to try your hand at the archery or shooting range. The archery range is in operation from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM and the cost of utilizing the range is ¥260 per hour. The shooting range is open from 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM and the cost is also ¥260 per hour.



Finally, make your way to Adventureland and experience what it is like to slide down the 33 foot tall Godzilla slide. Adventureland is like a jungle gym on steroids and there is even a 150 foot roller slide for those daring kids and the kids at heart. The original Godzilla slide was demolished in 1973 due to wear and tear. The current slide was erected in its place in October 1999 after popular demand.





If you find yourself running low on energy, you can fuel up on the soft serve ice cream and various snacks offered at Adventureland and attack the playground once again! The park is open from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM giving you ample opportunities to tire yourself or your little ones out. Better yet, combine a visit to the park with a tour of Perry Park and museum to get a taste for what Yokosuka has to offer.


Address:          1 Shinmei-cho, Yokosuka

Web page:       http://www.kanagawaparks.com/kurihama-perry/



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