JAPAN: Tokyo (100% Chocolate Cafe)

If you love everything chocolate, you will not want to miss this amazing chocolate themed café located on the first floor of the Meiji Holdings Company Limited’s headquarters. Founded in 1916, Meiji, provides a broad range of products including confectionery, dairy, baby food, infant formula, and pharmaceuticals. The chocolate café was opened in 2004 and offers a selection of 56 types of chocolates from around the world.


The café was designed by Masamichi Katayama, founder of the interior design firm, Wonderwall, which is renowned for the spaces it has created for Uniqlo. The shop’s dark brown ceiling curiously resembles a chocolate bar and the walls are covered with white tile. Along one wall is a glass display case with tubs of chocolate, each numbered and bearing a brief description. Everything from strawberry, to jasmine, to cheese flavored chocolates! Customers can place their orders by number. In addition to the chocolate, patrons can order various chocolate drinks, including chocolate tea, and various pastries. The chocornet, a coronet filled with creamy chocolate is particularly popular. Or if you prefer, choose from one of the many individual-sized chocolate cakes.















The clientele is predominantly female however the café would be a great date spot where you can sample something deliciously sweet with your sweetie. Or, just stop in to pick up some chocolates as souvenirs from your visit to Tokyo. Whatever your reason for visiting, you will not be disappointed.

The shop is accessible via the JR Tokyo Station and only an 8 minute walk from the Yaesu South exit. Alternatively, you can take the Ginza subway line to Kyobashi Station. The shop is literally 1 minute away on foot.

Address: 京橋 (Kyobashi) 2-4-16, Chuo-ku, Meiji Kyobashi Building 1F, Tokyo, Japan.

Phone: +81 3-3273-3184

Web page: http://www.meiji.co.jp/sweets/choco-cafe/


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