Japan: Shibuya (Pokeman Pop-Up Cafe)

Pokeman fans have another reason to rejoice albeit only until March 15, 2015 following the release of the new game Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. For a limited time (January 9- March 15), Pokeman Café will occupy The Guest Café and Diner at Shibuya’s Parco department store. The pop-up café opened on the 7th floor of Parco Part 1 to celebrate the new game release on January 9th.


The café offers a number of Pokeman themed menu items as well as a designated photo area (Pokebooth) and a store selling every souvenir imaginable related to Pokeman. Patrons who dine at the café will receive a commemorative coaster and cookies to take home with them. Be forewarned though, due to the café’s popularity, it is not unusual to see average wait times of 4 hours or more. When you arrive at the café, you will receive a ticket with a designated return time to be seated which makes standing in a long line for unbearable hours unnecessary.




Once you are inside the café, you will hear game music piped through the café’s sound system. If you are dining alone, you can request to have a stuffed Pikachu join you during your dining adventure at the café.



Photo booth

Photo booth




The café was originally scheduled to stay open through the end of February but due to its popularity, the closing time has been extended through March 15th. So if you happen to be in Shibuya and are a huge Pokeman fan, do not miss this opportunity to dine at the Pokeman Café. Once it closes, another character themed café will take its place.






Parco department store is easily accessible via the JR Yamanote line to Shibuya, Hachiko exit.


Parco web page: http://shibuya.parco.jp/page2/
Address: 15-1 Udagawa-chō Shibuya-ku


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