Japan: Kyoto (Kit Kat Chocolatory)

Well, if the shrines, temples, geiko, maiko and beautiful fall foliage were not enough of a reason to visit Kyoto, now you have one more motivator! Nestle Japan just recently opened up their fourth Kit Kat Chocolatory at the Daimaru Department Store Kyoto. Daimaru is one of Kyoto’s two largest and most opulent department stores with everything from elite international brands to one of Japan’s best food markets. (http://www.daimaru.co.jp/kyoto/)


Nestle already operates three Kit Kat boutique stores located at Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store and Daimaru Department Store in Tokyo as well as the Matsuzaka Department Store in Nagoya. Combined these three stores have generated ¥900,000,000 in sales with the patronage of 400,000 customers thus far. The Kit Kat Chocolatory at the Seibu Ikebukuro Store was the first of its kind in the word, having opened on January 17, 2014.

Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store

Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store



Kit Kat Chocolatory at Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store

Kit Kat Chocolatory at Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store











Japan is already famous for its unique flavors of Kit Kats which are not available anywhere else. The Kit Kat Chocolatory capitalizes on this trait and aims to target adult taste buds with products suited for each season of the year. Further adding to Kit Kat’s popularity in Japan, the chocolate snacks are considered to be good luck for students preparing for entrance exams because the name Kit Kat sounds somewhat like the phrase “You’ll win for sure! (Kitto Katsu)” in Japanese.

The Kit Kat Chocolatory in Kyoto opened on January 28, 2015 and is the first branch in the Kansai area. Its products are supervised by the famous confectioner, Yasumasa Takagi of LE PATISSIER TAKAGI. The shop features a café serving Kit Kat Sablés, a round French shortbread cookie, parfaits, coffee, green tea, and soft serve chocolate ice cream all for between ¥210 – ¥600.

Yasumasa Takagi of LE PATISSIER TAKAGI

Yasumasa Takagi of LE PATISSIER TAKAGI


Kyoto store with cafe

In honor of the shop opening, Nestle Japan has introduced several new items which will only be available at the Kyoto location including the Kit Kat Chocolatery Special Kyoto Assort and the Kit Kat x DISH Special Collaboration Kit Kat with CD.

kk-4The shop is located at the first basement level (B1) of Daimaru Kyoto (79 Shijo Street Takakura Nishiiri Tachiurinishimachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto). It is open from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.


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