Germany: Görlitz (Tree house/ Baumhaus Hotel)

As a child, did you ever wish you had a tree house? How many of you actually had one? Well, if you were one of those that did not, now you have an opportunity to realize your childhood dreams. Travel to Görlitz, Germany and spend a night at one of the most unusual hotels imaginable.

What I am referring to is Kulturinsel Einsiedel (“Culture Island”) situated on the Polish-German border. Founded in 2005, Kulturinsel Einsiedel is the brainchild of Jürgen Bergmann, a former forester turned wood carver. He designed large scale sculptures for playgrounds and turned that passion into the theme park which exists today.

Within the five hectare adventure theme park, you will find the Tree house Hotel of Baumhaus Hotel (in German). The hotel consists of nine tree houses all connected by a series of ramps, walkways and platforms built into and around the trees. Some of the tree houses are 32 feet above the ground while others are higher still. Each house is completely unique and they each have their own name (Bodelmutzens Geisterhaus, Modelpfutzens Wipfelgipfel, Fionas Luftschloss, Baba-Doros Kräuterkate, etc.), theme and resident fairy or troll. Every tree house comes with a lounge, a bed alcove and a mini toilet. Of the nine tree houses, three are classified as luxury houses and have showers and kitchens. The regular tree houses all share showers. These larger tree houses can accommodate up to six people.






The tree house rentals start at €230 per night for two adults and two children and include admission to the theme park. You can enjoy a breakfast buffet for an additional €12 for adults and €6 for children.






The park is host to an annual festival, an all-ages event featuring folk music, a bazaar and loads of fun activities. The event is spread out across 13 stages and one year featured musicians suspended from the trees!

Görlitz is Germany’s easternmost town, situated across the Neisse River from its Polish sister city of Zgorzelec. The closest airport is in Dresden. Other international airports are located in Leipzig, Berlin and Wroclaw (Poland). The town is approximately a three to four hour train ride from these cities.

This is truly a unique spot to visit and an unforgettable place to spend the night. It will magically transport you from your everyday worries and troubles as an adult to the carefree life you once enjoyed as a child. And who couldn’t use that from time to time?


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