Japan: Tokyo (Odaiba) TOKYO TRICK ART MUSEUM

Have you ever heard of the term, “trick art?” Trick art is essentially two-dimensional paintings which have skillfully been rendered to give the illusion of a third dimension.

One of the best places to see trick art in Japan is at the Tokyo Trick Art Museum (http://www.trickart.info/) in Odaiba. Located on the fourth floor of DECKS Tokyo Beach, the museum offers 45 paintings which create the illusion of three-dimensional depth. Unlike regular museums, visitors to the Trick Art Museum are encouraged to get up close and personal with the works of art and countless photo opportunities can be had. There are sample photos at each station which provide guidance on how to frame the best possible shots.





Ticket machine

Ticket machine

Trick Art Gallery

Trick Art Gallery




140720 Odaiba, Tokyo Trick Art Museum 11






In addition to the paintings there are several Ames rooms. An Ames room is a distorted room that creates an optical illusion. From the front the room appears to be an ordinary cube-shaped room when in fact the true shape is trapezoidal where the walls are slanted and the floor and ceiling are at an incline. As a result a person standing in one corner appears to the observer to be a giant, while a person standing in the other corner appears to be a dwarf. The illusion is so convincing that a person walking back and forth from the left corner to the right corner appears to grow or shrink.

One of the Ames rooms

One of the Ames rooms


Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion



Edo Area

Edo Area

The museum is divided into five sections which include an Edo Area, a Haunted Mansion, the Trick Art Gallery, a Puzzle Area and a museum shop. Admission to the museum is ¥900 for adults and ¥600 for children ages 4-14. Children ages 3 and younger are admitted for free. Tickets are purchased via an automated ticket machine located at the front of the museum.

Floor map


Tokyo Trick Art Museum is easily accessible via the Yurikamome Line (2 minute walk from the Odaiba Kaihinkouen Station) and the Rinkai Line (5 minute walk from the Tokyo Teleport Station).

Address:                      1-6-1 Daiba,Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall 4F, Minato-ku

Hours:                         11:00 AM –9:00 PM (Last admission is at 8:30 PM)


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