Japan: Tokyo/ Inagi City (Yomiuri Land)

The beginning of the holiday season is always punctuated with brilliant light displays setting all of Japan aglow in splendor. One such illumination display takes place at Yomiuri Land located just 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo in Inagi City.

Opened in 1964, Yomiuri Land is one of the larger and better known amusement parks near Tokyo. Situated on the hillside, it features three rollercoasters, a giant Ferris wheel and bungee jumping facilities. There are also plenty of smaller, kid-friendly rides for the younger members of your family as well as an onsen bath which was added recently to attract older visitors to the park.

During the summer, Yomiuri Land’s outdoor beach-like pool and beer garden are popular with guests. The Giant Sky River (extra charge applies) standing at 82 feet high and 1266 feet long is the highlight. The park has a total of five pools, most of which get predictably crowded during the hot summer weekends.

Beginning in early November and running through February 15th, the Yomiuri Land Jewellumination, draws over 300,000 visitors to the park. The event utilizes over three million LEDs to light up the entire park. Even the popular Bandit rollercoaster is lit up! The park is illuminated from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM daily but the hours are extended until 9:00 PM from December 13th through the 25th.

When you are at the park, be sure to scout out the park’s mascot, named Land Dog. Popular with kids of all ages, he is supposed to be an alien who landed in Yomiuri Land on his spaceship.

Whether you are a thrill seeker and want to experience the Bandit, the Momonga or the Miracle Wan Room or you just want to slowly ride the Ferris wheel taking in the breathtaking views of the park glistening with holiday lights below, Yomiuri Land has something for you.

















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