Japan: Yokohama (The Nanja Monja Cafe)

Oftentimes there are moments from our childhood that we would like to relive or, moments we wanted to experience and never had an opportunity to do so, which compels us to capture those times in our adulthood. How many at one time or another wanted to have a tree house but couldn’t? Well, if you happen to be in Yokohama, Japan, you just may be able to make that dream come true.



Located at Mitsuzawahigashi town 5-55, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, is a unique café that is actually a tree house! Constructed atop a Chinese Fringetree, known in Japanese as Nanjya Monjya, the The Nanja Monja Cafe is a honest to goodness tree house for adults! The café only has about 6 tables and lines can get pretty long at times, particularly on Saturdays. Further, the café does not operate in inclement weather since most of its seating is outdoors so it is best to confirm the weather before your visit.









Patrons place their orders at the counter located inside before being seated. The menu is very limited, consisting primarily of bagels for 350¥. On Saturdays, customers can enjoy the popular French toast bagels which tend to sell out quickly as the restaurant only offers 30 at a time. The beverage selections include coffee, tea, apple cider, orange juice and banana juice which sells for 600¥. For those more adventurous souls who do not worry about tumbling down the stairs in an alcoholic stupor, the café serves Kirin beer for 700¥. Bagels and beer you might ask? Well, there are all kinds of tastes out there.


The French Toast bagel

The French Toast bagel

The café is open from noon-5:30 p.m. and closed on Sundays. It offers a truly unique setting in which you can sit back with friends and enjoy the views of suburban Yokohama below while sipping your coffee.

Web page: http://nanjya.jp/cafe/



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