Ireland: Dublin (The Bram Stoker Festival)

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, the capital and largest city in Ireland is a vibrant metropolis known for its nightlife and tourist attractions. Whether it is Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Merrion Square or the National Museum of Ireland that draws your attention, you can be sure that Dublin will be crowded with tourists, particularly during the summer months.

Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker

But now as Halloween draws near, Dublin has one other event to draw visitors to this marvelous city. What I am referring to is the annual Bram Stoker Festival , inaugurated in 2012 on the centennial of the author’s death. It is held a week before Halloween, appropriately, and entails a series of activities which take place throughout the city honoring the life and times of this one time theater critic, civil servant and Dublin’s native son.



Who is Bram Stoker you might ask? Born in 1847 he is perhaps best known as the author of “Dracula.” The novel has been translated into over fifty languages and Count Dracula has become the most filmed fictional character in movie history. Stoker did not invent vampires, but his Count Dracula became the mark by which, all other vampire stories are measured.


The free four day festival in the past has included such events as a gothic ball, walking tours, a ghost bus tour, movies, and literary events all organized by the Dublin City Council. This year, the event is scheduled to take place between October 24 – October 27 and will include everything from large-scale spectacles to intimate performances in unusual spaces  The event is supported by the Bram Stoker estate. For a listing of festival events, visit:




Banquet setting

Banquet setting



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