Japan: Yokohama (Antenna America)

Let’s say you are an American expatriate residing in Japan and you are feeling slightly homesick. Where can you go to chase away your blues? How about Antenna America located in Yoshidamachi near Kannai Station in Yokohama? Situated on the 5th floor of a converted apartment complex, Antenna America is retail bottle shop/tasting room where customers can walk right in and try the enormous selection of beers that Nagano Trading imports. Nagano Trading Company has been importing beer from American breweries since 2006. It is also a place where patrons can immerse themselves in American culture and goods.

Its decor is simple and sparse, with plain white walls and fluorescent lighting offsetting a gray-blue carpet. Various brewery posters cling to the walls or sit propped up on unused kegs and small tables where customers can stand are placed near the back. If you opt to sit there is a terrace with tables and chairs. Glass refrigerators line the back wall stocked with 100 different types of beer from up to half a dozen of America’s best craft breweries.

Simple decor

Simple decor


Standing room only



While you are there, you can purchase some merchandise

Antenna features four rotating beers on tap and an enticingly simple American-inspired menu featuring buffalo wings, chicken baskets, burgers and dogs, each with an amazing variety of sauces and mustards created by some of the breweries to mix and match. The menu is available in English and Japanese. The prices for drinks range from 600-1,000¥ and food prices start at 450¥. The establishment is entirely non-smoking so smokers beware.



Antenna America is truly a one of a kind place in Japan and definitely worth visiting if you want a slice of Americana and sample American craft beer. You can sample as many varieties as you would like while you are there or take several bottles home to enjoy later.


5-4 Yoshida Building #6, 5th floor

Yoshidamachi, Naka-ku

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0041

Tel: 045-315-5228


Monday to Friday: 3PM-11PM (kitchen open until 10PM)

Saturday : 11AM-11PM (kitchen open until 10PM)

Sunday & Monday holiday : 11AM-10PM (kitchen open until 9PM)




From Minatomirai Bashamichi Station (12 minutes on foot)

From JR Negishi Line Kannai Station (5 minutes on foot)

From Yokohama Line Kannai Station (7 minutes on foot)


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