Japan: Tokyo, Minato District (Toranomon Hills)

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When the Tokyo Skytree opened to the public on May 22, 2012, the landmark was the talk of the town drawing thousands of visitors from all over the world who waited in long lines to get a peek at this marvelous new structure. Now with the Tokyo Summer Olympics of 2020 imminent, Tokyo has added yet another landmark which is generating quite a bit of excitement. Standing at 810 ft., the newest skyscraper built by Mori Building was unveiled in the Minato district of Tokyo on June 11, 2014. Toranomon Hills designed by Nihon Sekkei is the second tallest building in Tokyo after the Midtown Tower which stands at 814 ft.

The skyscraper complex is built around the new Loop Road No. 2, a trunk road running from Shimbashi to Toranomon and is at the heart of the revitalization efforts in the Minato district.

The main tower of the complex is called Mori Tower. The different levels of the building are utilized as follows:

B3F – B1F:                Parking for 544 cars

1F – 4F:                     Retail space

4F – 5F:                     Conference space

6F – 35F:                   Offices

37F – 46F:                 Private residences (172 units)

47F – 52F:                 Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Hotel *

(*A boutique hotel in the Hyatt chain with 164 guest rooms and a spa facility on the 37th floor)

Plans to build an arterial road between Shimbashi and Toranomon districts have been in the works since 1946, but the plan remained unrealized for decades due to the government’s inability to annex the necessary prime real estate in central Tokyo. A solution was finally reached in 1989, which involved building a new skyscraper above the road and offering to relocate displaced residents into the skyscraper. Construction for Toranomon Hills began in April of 2011 and took three years to complete.

The logo for Toranomon Hills consists of four black vertical bars forming the letter “M” (and resembling “門,” kanji of the Toranomon name). The complex’s mascot, Toranomon (トラのもん) inspired by the Japanese manga character, Doraemon, is very popular and its image can be found throughout the complex.

The Toranomon Hills venture has been the largest project pursued by Mori Building since the Roppongi Hills development over 10 years ago. If your travels in Japan take you to the Minato Ward, spend a few minutes exploring this brand new skyscraper and maybe even enjoy a meal or a cocktail at one of its many bars and restaurants.

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Layout of residential units

Layout of residential units


Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills hotel

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills hotel

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Photo credits: Kenichi Yoshifuji



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