Turkey: Istanbul- A Great Getaway


Istanbul is the center for cultural, economic, and historical accounts for the country of Turkey. Istanbul’s rise to power dates back to the might of the Roman Empire, when the emperor Constantine built a new city dedicated to himself and named it Constantinople. The city saw great innovations in art, architecture, engineering, culture, and military strength throughout this era.

Upon the fall of the Byzantine civilization into the hands of Sultan Mehmet II, the city was  transformed from the Christian city of Constantinople to an Islamic Istanbul. The Ottoman held Istanbul is what is mostly connected to the new world in terms of lifestyle and living conditions of the people. The best way to experience the unique and interesting facts about the city is to be in the heart of Istanbul. Istanbul can be reached via the Istanbul Ataturk Airport, so why not fly in style with a chartered flight?

The Hagia Sophia

The grandeur of the Hagia Sophia is a reflection of the rich history of the city of Istanbul. The former house for Christian related affairs and functions during the reign of the Byzantine Empire, it was converted to become a work of art of Islam. Everything from the original church which utilized the feat of the arches and the domed style of the Romans to the impressive side minarets, contribute to the grandeur of what the building is today.

The elegance and presence of the Hagia Sophia is a wonderful treat for all to experience. The hall of the building creates a surrounding that is both fantastic and romantic. The alley and gallery of the building is a perfect setting for a couple to stroll down memory lane within the city, while the exterior side creates a haven for any architectural or engineering savvy individuals.

The Old City

The old city district of Istanbul presents the rich history of a wonderful city. The city saw actions dating back to its creation. The old district is part of the evolution that transformed Istanbul from Constantinople. The city offers a great reminder of the might of the city and the early Turkish civilization.  Along the Sultanahmet square is where one can find a blend of Byzantine and Ottoman style designs. The beautiful Hagia Irene, a cathedral that was never converted into a mosque, is worth touring as a reminder of the origins of Christianity that are still visible today in its finest form.

The Topkapi Palace was the seat for Ottoman Emperors for more than four centuries. The inside elegance of the palace is a wonderful work of art. The tour around the palace is delightful especially if one tends to engage in a traditional Turkish bath or Harem for some truly authentic Turkish enjoyment.


Bosphorus Cruise

The Bosphorus cruise is an alternative way of exploring the beauty and grandeur of the city via a water way. The tour lets one see a great panoramic view of the city from the sea.  A man’s and worm’s eye view of the city is one truly eye-catching moment bestowed in the city of Istanbul.

Many kinds of sea-going vessels can be seen on the highly congested water network. Boats traverse in every direction making the rides both thrilling and challenging. The open top boat is one of the most sought after tours that lets one see a 360 degree view of the entire city from Asia to Europe and is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy.


Troy VII

In a nearby province, Canakkhale is a place worthy of visiting while in Turkey. It might be a different town but holds the mesmerizing and mystifying wonders of the famed Homeric Troy, the site of the great Trojan War. The Troy VII archaeological site is associated with the legendary Troy, the place of the Trojan wars and infamous Trojan horse.


The remnants of the once mighty fortress still amaze anyone feeling the living presence of the legend. The site lets one feel as if they are re-enacting the scenes of the movie “Troy” which starred Brad Pitt and see  first hand the places and locations featured in the movie.

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