Holidays in Southern California: “Candy Cane Lane” (Torrance)

In continuing on with the Christmas theme, I would like to introduce you to a tradition that started in Southern California over 40 years ago that draws people from every walk of life.  This tradition is known as Candy Cane Lane and it takes place in the city of Torrance, California.


In the Torrance neighborhood known as Sleepy Hollow residents go all out with Christmas decorations for the entire month of December transforming the area into Candy Cane Lane.  The streets are lined with cars and pedestrians and the smell of hot chocolate and cookies waft through the air from stands set up throughout the neighborhood welcoming the thousands that visit the area during the holiday season.


Apparently the tradition was started in 1985 when one of the residents strung up white Christmas tree lights in his tree.  Another neighbor who appreciated the look drew up fliers and circulated them throughout the neighborhood in an effort to get other neighbors involved.  He even offered to assist in putting up the lights!  They eventually ended up having a huge block party involving 600-700 residents, complete with Santa Claus and a potluck.  The event grew from there to involve several adjoining areas as well. Today, people drive in from all over Southern California to experience the event.













Candy Cane Lane is in the area of Torrance bordered by Pacific Coast Highway, Prospect, Calle Mayor and Palos Verdes Blvd. The best way to experience this event is to park your car and set about on foot to enjoy the many visually enticing homes in their holiday glory.  The visit will definitely bring out the kid in you!



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